Eco-Design Fair Lookin' Good

The Eco-Design Fair is a good place to see the latest in local, recycled, and sustainable design. Many of the participants are very small businesses, making the products out of their homes and selling them on a local scale at markets. Bea's Beastlies are soft, hand made eccentric toys for adults, made out of old woolens and cashmere odds and ends. Then they have eyes, buttons and fringes sewn on to give them personality. Summer jewelery is made from recycled chair parts--the bottoms, upholstery and vinyl. The designer cuts them into interesting shapes, digitally prints designs on them and ends up with some very contemporary looking necklaces. Some great looking tee-shirts, of course. For women: new tee-shirts with vintage ties stitched on the shoulders and down the front. And the skirt to complete the look: made of recycled vintage fabrics; short and girlie. For men: organic tee's with "never give up" on the front. Nigel's eco store was there, with Nigel himself doing the sales. He had one sun jar left (got it!) and the world's smallest wind turbine. And for something cozy: a hand-knit alpaca scarf, made with "Farm Yarn" that comes direct from British farms and is spun in a British mill into yarn. :: Eco Design Fair

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