Eco-Design: Colombia Joins


El Tiempo, one of Colombia's biggest newspapers, published yesterday an article announcing that "Colombian eco-design is gaining momentum" in the country, moved mainly by a growing number of young designers working with recovered materials. From the ones mentioned in the article, we spotted two interesting ones. The first is Cyclus, a company that has five years in the market working primarily with recovered tires and waste from Bogota's public transport system, Transmilenio. The nice thing about this company is that they do more than just the messenger bag: they have very cool trainers that really don't have much to envy to a pair of label ones, some interesting waist bags, rocking chairs, and are open to hear from you if you want them to develop a special project. If you head to Bogota, they are located at 18-30 58th Street (tel. +571 608 4334). Otherwise they are reachable through their website. The other designer that called our attention was Nixa Sierra, who works in a more artisan way, developing accessories from bags to jewelry, also from recovered materials (more pics in the extended).She has a line called Used2bnew in which she recycles record covers into bags and trainers into flowerpots, another line called Retro for jewelry with a classic vibe, a line called Etnico for accessories with a native/ethnic aesthetics, and one by the name Dew for other types of accessories in the shape of butterflies. She sells in various stores in Colombia, Madrid (Spain), Paris (France) and Miami (USA), which are detailed under the "Puntos de venta" section.

Find out more about these two at their websites, and about the Colombian wave at the original article (in Spanish). ::El Tiempo article ::Cyclus ::Nixa Sierra


Rocking chair from Transmilenio's remaining materials.


Waist bag from recovered tires.


Bag re-using record covers.


Bracelet from repurposed materials.