Eco-Chic Furniture Designer Mark Wilkinson Opens a Showroom in New York

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photo: Mark Wilkinson

With killer furniture designs and an eye toward fashion forward, Mark Wilkinson also makes sustainability part of his message. Think modern meets Nantucket cottage, in a good way and that's what you'll find in Wilkinson's new showroom in New York. But how sustainable is he really? Read on to find out.Eco-forward furniture designer Mark Wilkinson has brought his green designs to New York with the opening of his new showroom.

Sustainability Features
• All of the timber that Wilkinson uses comes from very well managed sources with at least FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This covers the oak, chaperno, maple, and walnut that the company purchases. Wilkinson plants two trees for every client’s furniture order.

• The designer recycles the majority of waste wood products when possible.

• Wilkinson uses water based stains instead of solvent-based stains to lesson toxins.

• He reduces consumption by making furniture that lasts a lifetime and never needs to be replaced.

Sustainability with Style
Wilkinson's style has never been burdened by his need to go green and after checking out his pieces, they are memorable. Stunning really, but I would recommend sticking with the largely sustainable wood pieces because I can't vouch for the sustainability of the other materials like the counters and the paints. Go natural with wood pieces that are covered with water based solvents.

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