Eco-Artist Catherine Pears Puts a Green Twist on her Mardi Gras Float

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Artist Catherine Pears certainly sees the benefit of recycling, but to her, the most obvious way to be green is to reduce and reuse. She reuses everything and when she was commissioned to build a float for this year's Mardi Gras, she carried those practices over into designing the float. See how she turned what some would consider trash into a stunning Mardi Gras float.

Artist Catherine Pears has designed a greener float for this year's Mardi Gras parade. According to a recent article in Town Talk, as a seasoned painter and sculptor for a small theater called the Family Playhouse, Pears has always taken to reusing everything. She hates the idea of throwing stuff away and makes it her mission to find interesting uses for what would have been throw away otherwise. She turns old water hoses, dead tennis balls, and any other junk that she finds into part of her innovative sets. She also keeps a collection of old containers to hold her various paints and tools. She hesitates to buy new tools and when she does, she works hard to avoid replacing them. It's a testament to the fact that she does whatever she can reduce her consumption.

Her inventive float is no exception to her green practices. The float, which features three women, is constructed from mostly cloth, wire, and fiber glass. The eye lashes on the women are made from old paint brushes, the cloth leftover from old projects that she had worked on, and the wiring came from a metal scrap yard. She even reuses old paint for the bottom of the float rather than having to throw it away.

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