Eat This House: U. Of Maryland Designs Dwelling with Edible Wall

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Credit: University of Maryland

Look out Bob Vila. University of Maryland students have turned "This Old House" on its head, and created a home that features an edible wall, and runs on sun, wind, rain and wastes. Let's hope the wastes are no where near the edible part. We've heard of Wonka's lickable wallpaper, but this house is for real. It's one of 20 projects to earn a spot in next year's Solar Decathlon, put on by the U.S. Department of Energy and staged on the National Mall.

The Maryland team of 300 students, along with faculty members and others, will construct the house to run on solar power, and "harness wind, rain and the building's wastes," university officials say.

photo edible walls maryland solar decathlon
Credit: University of Maryland

The home's design is called WaterShed, and it builds on a 2007, award-winning design called LEAFHouse.

The house is formed by two rectangular units capped by a butterfly roof. The idea is to create a mini ecosystem in the home, to capture and use the energy of the sun, wind and rain, along with household wastes "that retain valuable energy and nutritional resources," officials say.

There are solar panels on the home's roof, and the edible wall is made up of a garden.

More details on the edible wall? They're coming, according to university officials. For now, the team is finalizing the conceptual stage of the project and "crashing to finish that design paper," a university spokesman says.

The Maryland team's entry will be displayed on the Mall in October 2011, along with the others.

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