Easy Armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue


Despite its potential to appear near the top of TreeHugger's favorite materials list, rattan remains dogged by stodgy, outdated design. Sure, it's usually plantation grown, leaving exotic hardwoods out of the equation, and is quickly renewable; it seems like a remains a few modern, contemporary designs away from joining bamboo as furniture-material extraordinaire, and we've found one. Designer Kenneth Cobonpue's Easy Armchair uses both rattan poles and strips that are fastened with a technique similar to boatbuilding, giving it a soft shape and leaving dumpy designs in the dust. Even better, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Cobonpue; rattan is one of his favorite materials to use in his award-winning furniture, but he doesn't stop there. Extensive use of bamboo and abaca (also known as Manila hemp) are also made through the sensuous, striking designs that are spreading fast from his home in the Philippines through the rest of the design world. ::Kenneth Cobonpue

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