End Ziploc® addiction with Neat-os reusable bags

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You've probably heard of people attempting to have plastic-free lifestyles, or doing a purge of all their plastic doodads. With children the process is infinitely more difficult, as plastic toys and parts and pieces seem to grow and multiply in their closets like frisky dust bunnies.

One mom, Rachel Ostroy, several years ago swore she'd never buy another plastic baggie. Soon Ostroy found herself wanting those handy-dandy plastic bags. She searched the 'net to no avail before she decided to design something herself.

Ostroy wanted snack- and lunchbox-sized bags, and she was also looking for bags expressly created with food storage in mind. In other words, she wanted bags that were PVC-free as well as free of BPA and phtalates.

Ostroy also wanted a bag that would hold up for many washings, whether by dishwasher or by hand. She was tired of washing out regular plastic bags, and always felt guilty when she threw one away.

Eventually, Ostroy created Neat-os, plastic bags with a zipper top (food and treats can get embedded in velcro).

Neat-os have the advantage of being made in the U.S. of food-safe plastic. In addition, they have an area for kids to custom design with whatever art they wish.

Tuesday is the last day of Neat-os Indiegogo campaign, so click through if you need some reusable love this holiday season.

End Ziploc® addiction with Neat-os reusable bags
It's not easy going plastic free...seems the stuff creeps into the house unbidden. But one mom decided she could make the bags that help diminish the plastic habit

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