Dvelas. From Boat Sails To Furniture (Photos)

valencia design week Devela reused sails

Just back from Feria Habitat, the main fairground of the Valencia Design Week, I must admit I am a bit disappointed with the larger Spanish furniture companies so far and the lack of innovative good (meaning gorgeous and green) design. However, like last year, the Nude section where young designers show their talent, is the most interesting. Here I spoke to the guys from Dvelas, who are passionate sailors and now turn the used sails they find around the world on their trips, into products and furniture.

Develas reused sail tag photo

Image Credit: Petz Scholtus

The shape of the products is inspired by the function of the sail, like for example with this sea breaker that is turned into a lounger (image below). They named it Vaurien, French for the little brigand.

Develas reused sails photo

Image Credit: Dvelas

The Basque company brings back the sails from their sailing trips around the world and then turn them into products. A limited series of pieces is made from each sail. Then, each object is labelled with a tag (image above) saying where the sail is from, who made it, and the boat it belonged to. If you have old sails lying around, you can exchange them for Develas products or have your own products made from your sail. I can imagine these loungers will do really well in chill out bars for their durability and comfort.

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