From The Dustbin of History: Capsule Hotels, Agitators in Washington and More

This is a very political week, with the agitators of the #occupy movement being run out of town all over North America. Leslie Clage has a great image of Agitators going to Washington on KBCulture.

With my heritage preservation hat on, I do go on about how Renovation and Repair Creates Way More Jobs, Uses Far Less Material Than New Construction., Rachel Bowdon of Preservation Nation picks up the theme and rounds up a pile of links on the subject in Sustainability Round-Up: Historic Preservation = Jobs Edition

Earlier this week I ranted about the Freakonomics boys complaining about the Inefficiency of Local Food, in Can Local Food Be As Efficient as Industrial Agriculture? Anna Lappé does a far better job of dismembering them with Food Policy, Economists, and the Hazards of Assuming a Can Opener

Sigh. All that is left of my beloved capsule hotel by the late Kisho Kurokawa is a single unit, sitting on the ground and photographed by Designboom.

My favourite comment of the week, on my post about Why Cyclists Blow Through Stop Signs: It's Physics

If cars want to share the road with bikes, they must obey all the traffic laws and stop drifting through 4-way stops, gunning it through yellow lights, speeding, double parking, following too close, passing unsafely, changing lanes through intersections and failing to signal. If they can't learn to follow the rules, they can't share the road with bikes.

From The Dustbin of History: Capsule Hotels, Agitators in Washington and More
Jaymi had this wonderful idea of how to deal with all those posts we want to say something about but don't get around to. Here are a few hanging around this week:

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