Dumpster Diving in Style

de broin dumpster tub photo

When artist Michel de Broin gets home from a hard day's pedalling in his Flinstonemobile, he can relax in style in his converted dumpster.de broin dumpster tub photo

"The dumpster is used to frame its contents - 1649 litres of filtered, chlorinated water. Its interior is lined with waterproof blue material while a pump and filter system ensures the purity of its contents. Powerful jets stimulate the sensorial experience." ::Michel De Broin via ::Boingboing
de broin pedal car arrest photo
De Broin's famous pedal-powered Buick under attack by a squad of bicycle cops: read more here:
Driver of Flintstonemobile Charged, Gets Day in Court
Pedal-Powered Buick Driver Not Guilty
More on Pedal-Power Victory

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