Dumpster Diving By Bicycle


Ain't it grand when two simple living worlds collide? Human-powered transport merged with the quiet art of gleaning. And yes, even the bike used here was salvaged from a dumpster.

In this 11 step lesson on bike-based skip dipping, as we call it down here, you learn dumpster etiquette useful guidelines for dealing with inquisitive passerbys or even law enforcement officers ("If the police ask what you are doing, tell them what you are doing and why. The recycling, the charity donations, the keeping some for your family, how you are clean, careful and considerate, your philosophy on how this is in keeping with community environmental goals, where dumpster materials go if you do not rescue them, etc. The officer will be squirming to get away from you after a minute."), helpful tools, the carbon dioxide emissions load saved from salvaging discarded materials, locations to visits, and even the community service element of benign dumpster diving and so much more.

Some the instructors fave treasures rescued from a landfill burial include paint, coins, postage, autographed scripts from "The King of Queens", a new Navajo woven rug, a LCD computer projector, hand tools, and a folding bike. Get the full story from ::Instructables.

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