Dubai Vaporware: Buildings "Under Construction" Don't Exist


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Finally, a green project in Dubai; as these construction photos attest, it is working its way up to the sky. But it consumes no resources, no concrete or fossil fuels or electricity. That's because it doesn't exist.


The actual project

it appears that the developer, Al Fajer Properties, has sold £428 million worth of units and is updating their website with pictures of a neighbouring project. According to the Independent,

The pictures appeared in an advertising campaign in a Dubai-based national newspaper last July, with the caption, "Shot at location on 10th June 2008. Ebony & Ivory - Jumeirah Lakes Towers." The two page spread included the seals of Dynasty Zaronni and Al Fajer Properties. Buyers were not amused: They would not have got my money if they had not shown me fraudulent pictures." said one. "A lot of people would not have bought had they not thought the project was in an advanced stage of construction." said another.


The Lake Jumeirah tower sector of Dubai

The government isn't too happy about this either, and has clamped down on any information about it.

"I had written half of the article when I was told by my editor to stop," said a Dubai-based national newspaper reporter who attempted to cover the story. "The investor's group have records of payment, and it's obvious that they have been shafted, but we can't write about it."

The Independent doesn't pull any punches in its criticism.

Dubai's property market has been likened by some to a giant ponzi scheme, where bigger and more grandiose projects were announced in a bid to keep investment rolling in until the financial crisis tamed the city's galloping development.

Why do I keep writing about this on TreeHugger? Because so much of the real estate development that we have seen in North America, from the spread of subdivisions to the demolition of great old buildings to build new bigger ones, is based not of the reality of need or real demand, but but on the basis of greed and speculation. What is happening in Dubai could be prologue to what might happen in North America as the high rise model of development begins to fail. As Clive Doucet said this past weekend in Peterborough:

Cities that endure are cities where people want to live. But we gave it all away to the developers, they are locusts.

As Adam Vaughan said:

Hyperdensification is as big a problem as suburban sprawl. Tall buildings are monocultures.

As Jim Kunstler said:

Our cities are in trouble. They suffer from a problem of scale, and the big metroplexes have to contract. They will continue to densify but the skyscraper is the product of the cheap energy fiesta. One of the things you have to consider that you shouldn't build over six or seven stories high.

I do not blame Dubai, it is just the canary in the coal mine.

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