Dubai Jumps the Shark


We have covered the incredible construction boom in Dubai before, wondering where the energy will come from that will keep it cool and keep its inhabitants flying in and out. While neighbour Abu Dhabi is building a carbon free city with decent architects, the designers of Falcon City think that urban planning means that you design your city to look like a falcon from the air.

And in case you are homesick, it has an Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, a Taj Mahal and a Great Wall of China.


Dubai Eiffel Tower would hold the central location of the falcon commercial sector which hosts commercial, residential, recreational and retail elements. The tower surrounding represents Falcon Elysees.


'The pyramid of the Falconcity emulates the Egyptian architectural wonder in a modern day context. The Grand Pyramid will be a multi functional complex housing residences, offices and other recreational avenues. It is the biggest pyramid in the world.

Of the two smaller pyramids, one will host exclusively Falconcity management facility, while the other is a commercial premise in the theme park. With ultra modern facilities of luxury and convenience, the pyramids will attract all enthusiasts of fine living, shopping and fun.'


"Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon
in Falconcity brings to life a lost ancient wonder. This imaginatively designed complex will house eco-friendly luxury flats, with many open-air restaurants and coffee shops, with the garden overlooking the falconcity Mall."


The Villas come in Andalusian, New World, Aegean or Santa Fe style, all set on the wings of the Falcon.


When we last wrote about Dubai a commenter noted that "Dubai is building all this stuff because they KNOW oil is not the energy source of the future. They're focusing on tourism, banking, and dropping taxes to lure investors and residents alike, among other forward-thinking moves. There is also an extensive subway project begun, with a 2010 completion date." (and then called me an idiot and said "Get your facts straight before you open your mouths" but that seems to be par for the course these days)

If that is the case, why are they building such incredibly silly energy hogs? ::Falcon city of Wonders