Dry Leaf: An Eco-Skate Prototype with Innovative Materials from Brazil

Dry Leaf: Let's EVO Skate from innovative materials.

Brazilian innovation group Let’s EVO and materials developer Fibra Sustainable Design have joined forces to create a sustainable skateboard. We’ve seen green skates before (Arbor’s and Sector 9’s are some examples), but besides this one being one of the first to be developed in Latin America, it was built with innovative materials developed by Fibra.

The cover layers are from Papunha Veneer, produced from the waste of the sustainable palm-heart industry. The second layer is a composite formed by 70% natural fibers (jute, malva and curaua) and 30% post-production recycled polypropylene. The natural fibers of this material are also produced on a fair trade model. Finally, the heart of the board is from 3-ply Organic Mosso Bamboo, grown without chemicals and in a sustainable model.

All of these materials are bonded with a vegetable-based adhesive extracted from species like castor oil plant, soy and corn.

Keep reading for more and a close up on how these materials look.The longboard’s look was also inspired by nature, and the shape received the name of Folha Seca (Dry Leaf in English). It was designed by a group of collaborators that included designers Henrique Monnerat, Bruno Temer, Claudio Ferreira, Pedro Themoteo and Thiago Maia.

The starter of the group was Monnerat, who began developing skates at the age of 17 and created the brand EVO, which became notorious in Rio de Janeiro’s under skate scenario. He started thinking about a sustainable board when he met the people from Fibra, who had been working with the development of new materials since 2004, and created the platform Let’s EVO.

In its website, the group documented the development process of the board inviting people to take part.

The skate was finished last December and entered the Volvo Sports Design competition, in which it was a finalist. The group is now looking for partners to start producing the skate for commercial sales.

Let’s EVO new project is the creation of an Electric Mobility Device. Check them out at their website.

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Let's EVO Skate from innovative materials.

A close-up on the skate's materials.
Dry Leaf, Let's EVO Skate sketches.

The design sketches to get the leaf shape.
Dry Leaf: Let's EVO Skate from innovative materials.

A closer look at the board.

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