Drosera Framed Herbarium Sheets


Drosera is a company where "nature and culture cross-pollinate." The New York-based company's mission? To reconnect people with nature by encouraging an active relationship with our natural heritage. When was the last time you called your Mother Nature?

With the release of its 11.5x16.5-inch (unframed) herbarium sheets, which are pressed plant specimens that are mounted and labeled with their names and places of origin, Drosera wants to meet the needs of eco-conscious trendsetters who want to bring nature into their homes and offices."It's clear that people have an innate connection to nature", says Marielle Anzelone, founder and principal of Drosera, as well as a botanist, urban ecologist, and environmental public speaker. "This is seen in the popularity of outdoor pursuits like gardening and bird watching, but also in the way that people are drawn to botanical prints and patterns in the design of interior spaces, where today we spend most of our time. Since framed herbarium sheets are made from actual plant specimens rather than artistic renderings, they convey a powerful and authentic connection to nature."

The plants themselves are indigenous to New York City and were rescued from areas slated from development. (Varieties include Common Blue Violet and Sensitive Fern, both pictured above, grasslike plants such as Needlepod Rush, shrubs like Highbush Blueberry and Red Chokeberry, and wildflowers like Grass-leaved Goldenrod.) Plundering from the city's remaining natural areas is a huge no-no, and Drosera is dedicated to maintaining its environmental responsibility, as evinced by the fact that a portion of its proceeds goes to organizations devoted to open-space protection and native-plant conservation in the New York City area.

Contact the company directly for pricing and availability as the inventory varies. :: Drosera

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