Droog Design Adds a "Touch of Green" in Milan


Droog Design may have unleashed the most un-TreeHugger design we've ever seen on the world, but they're turning over a new leaf, starting with their contribution to this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan. "A Touch of Green" is an interesting collection that recognizes that there isn't one absolute answer to sustainability, and provides examples from all kinds of angles.

Above is "One day paper waste," a table that shows one days' paper waste in a more static form. They note, "Does it help the environment to recycle a one day gathering of paper waste from the office into a resin treated piece of furniture? Maybe not literally, but the intention to limit waste is at least one step in the right direction."


It's the right way to look at a project like this: "We all know that it (sustainability) is a complex issue and to do right on the one hand, often means harmful consequences on the other."


But how cool would it be if every product came with a contract like the "Till death do us part" table? Disposable design would be a thing of the past.


And it's even a transformer, expanding with leaves on either side.


The collection also includes this high-concept "Cosy chair," which takes the idea of only heating the space you need to the extreme.

The words "furniture fair" or "design exhibition" don't often inspire thoughts of sustainability, and this one example certainly isn't perfect, but it doesn't pretend to, and, if it helps the world think harder about what it takes to be green, we don't think it has to, especially considering they used to promote this kind of junk. ::Droog

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