Droog's Iconic 85 Lamps Chandelier Now Comes In LED Green

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I have always loved Droog Design; "The products they select need to combine functionality and conceptual clarity with a keen expression of awareness of cultural and technological references and contexts" In 1993 they introduced 85 Lamps, the iconic fixture designed by Rody Graumans.

In 2006 I wondered if it was time to retire it to a museum.

What we don't love is 85 lamps at 15 watts each, or 1275 watts hanging over our dining room table. In any other form of lighting besides incandescent that would light an entire house; in our kitchen we could cook dinner. TreeHugger has suggested Ban the Bulb; Perhaps it is also time to Ban 85 Bulbs as well, at least until they bring out the LED version.

85 Lamps up closeDroog Design/Promo image

In 2006 the LEDs were still not very good, and Droog avoided the interim tech of compact fluorescents. Now Ivan Beemster of Droog writes to tell us that they have reintroduced the fixture:

I wanted to let you know that the LED version to follow up the 85 lamps with incandescent bulbs is now available. The lamp is furnished with 1.2W LED bulbs, thereby lowering the energy consumption with about 83%....It would be cool if you can lift the ban now the 85 lamps LED is available!

Droog writes on their website that "Since the first production of the 85 Lamps in 1993 the world has changed tremendously." Since 2006, the LED has changed tremendously as well, to the point that Droog can reintroduce a fixture that has "become a more eco-friendly and customer-friendly product without losing the character of the iconic chandelier."

droog closeupDroog/Promo image

Even Michele Bachmann and her lightbulb freedom pals should recognize this as a turning point: that you can replace a 1275 watt fixture with a 102 watt LED version "without losing the character." The world certainly has changed tremendously.

Available at Droog.

Droog's Iconic 85 Lamps Chandelier Now Comes In LED Green
The iconic fixture has been updated with the latest lighting technologies

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