DreamingreeN: An Open Source, Online Community for Green Design


DreamingreeN is a brand new online community that aims to take green ideas and designs and bring them to people all over the world in the shortest possible time. The concept was launched by designer Twan Verdonck who believes "that designers can bring smart and elegant solutions to dramatic problems such as global warming, waste, and more. They just need a good platform to communicate those ideas," and thinks this is the platform to do it. By helping designers access consumers directly by employing ideas and concepts like open source, self manufacturing, and downloads, Twan hopes to establish a network of positive and forward thinking people, who are willing to help each other. To kick start the community, Verdonck came up with the first design: the "Green Light." A plant (an ivy, in this case) grows around a wire-framed sphere with a CFL at the center; the plant can be grown or trimmed to determine the relative brightness of the lamp. The Green Light (along with the rest of the designs, once they arrive) is available for purchase in three forms in the shop: as a full lamp, as downloadable instructions, and as a DIY kit, so you can construct it yourself. All around, the combination of an open source community with green design is a great idea; we'll be interested to see how it scales up and catches on. ::DreamingreeN via tipster Grace