Drap-Art International Creative Recycling Festival


It seems to be that time of the year when Barcelona is very keen on recycling. Last weekend we visited the International Creative Recycling Festival by Drap-Art, a non-profit organization that promotes exactly that since 1995. Apart from other exhibitions and workshops, the Drap-Art Festival just before Christmas is their most important yearly event. Here you could stock up on recycled gifts or wonder at the more arty stuff… The fair together with its workshops and concerts made it a real get-together event for everyone who’s into reevaluated things. Most of the design objects at the fair were pretty familiar to us and we are wondering where this recycling fever is heading too, and how many more crisp packages and truck tarps should be turned into bags. To check out all the designers and artist who participated, go to the Drap-Art web site. ::Drap-Art

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