Dragspelhuset: the Accordion House


There are so many reasons houses get designed the way they do. The charm of this design is that it expands and contracts according to climate, making a larger space in the summer and a smaller, easier to heat space in the cold Swedish winters. However, as is so often the case, 24H-architecture had another motive- zoning restrictions that limited the additional space to 300 square feet and restricted the setbacks. Temporary structures are subject to different rules, so as soon as the building inspector leaves, they roll out the addition on steel rails and double the space. "I'm an enormous Frank Lloyd Wright fan," says [Architect Boris] Zeisser. "I've been to Fallingwater five or six times, and that's what I wanted—to have my house over the stream."


According to Architectural Record: An amorphous pod clad in western red cedar shakes, Dragspelhuset, when viewed from the lake, appears to be a big rock. Devoid of luxury, the house, which the architects built themselves with help from friends over the course of four summers, has no electricity, heat, phone, or running water. At about 775 square feet (with the extension deployed), it consists of an open living/dining/kitchen area, with one bedroom and child's sleeping loft occupying the old shack, which is connected to the new structure. ::Architectural Record and pdf portfolio of ::24H architecture