Downloading Designs: generator.x 2.0


objects 05-06' surface studies by daniel widrig (laser cut paper)

We are fascinated by downloadable designs, where a world of design can be produced locally. We even did a website about it.. Consequently we are upset to find that we missed an entire exhibition of it, in Berlin last month. Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the screen was "a workshop and exhibition about digital fabrication and generative systems." Designboom calls them "an international collection of artists and architects all working on exploring and exploiting this characteristic through coding processes. through CAD software these designers are able to experiment with forms and the mathematical manipulation of these forms virtually and eventually create physical objects. the objects on show were the physical results of these experiments."


'cubes & spheroids' modular structures by jared tarbell (laser cut)

oop (out of plane) #1' models of irregular unfolding by satoru sugihara (laser cutting)

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