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TreeHugger has shown quite a few classic posters that have relevance today, and a few humorous ones that are updates of the originals. Now ReadyMade commissioned five artists to reimagine the poster art of the GD1 (great depression one) and made them available for free downloading, just in time for the holidays.Nick Dewar writes about his bike poster:

"I hope that America is entering a post-'greed is good' period. I can't think of a single step that would change the nature of our society more than everyone abandoning their automobiles and cycling instead. There would be less dependence on oil, obesity levels would drop dramatically, and reflective bike clips would replace fancy ladies' purses as the current must-have fashion accessory."
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Christopher Silas Neal

"Solving the world's energy and food problems would do a great deal to strengthen the global economy, prevent disease, and reverse the effects of climate change. The original Victory Garden program was designed to ease pressure on the public agricultural supply and support the war effort by encouraging families to grow their own food. I wanted to expand this idea to the broader concept of buying and eating local food."

Download them all from ReadyMade

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