Downloadable Designs: DIY iPhone Stand


Why do I love the idea of downloadable designs? Because people do such amazing things out of so little substance, and they ship ideas, not objects. Like this iPhone stand designed by french industrial designer Julien Madérou, downloadable from his website Dessine Moi Un Objet. It is folded out of a single sheet of paper.


It is a very elegant piece of papercraft, found on Paper Forest;


Can be produced in red, or any colour; with downloadable designs, you decide.


And just because it is a sheet of paper doesn't mean that it's easy; see the development of the project here.


Download your own copy here at dessinemoiunobjet, in A4 or north American letter size paper, and think about what life would be like if you were able to get everything you need this way.

We built a whole website around downloadable designs
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