Double Decker Living — London's Buses Become Homes

The week just gone was the last hurrah for the Routemaster, London's classic double decker bus. Probably they will be snapped up by auto museums around the globe. The more modern Leyland Olympians also face retirement, eventually. Double Decker Living (DDL) is snapping up available ones to create mobile 2 storey housing. Complete with communal sitting room, shower, kitchen and dining area and sleeping for five. So far they have converted 6, with another 50 in the offing. A youth homeless youth charity is trialling one and British hospitals are considering them "for doctors and nurses on call or working split shifts." Environmentally (aside from the reuse aspect) the buses also sport solar panels. Toilets are said to be of the composting variety with the contents collected once week (presumably for a further micro-organism lovefest elsewhere). And each bus comes with two fold-up bicycles. Our thanks to Transittrends for the tip. ::Double Decker Living