Don't Throw It Away! Give And Take For Free Works In Catalonia

Vols Tens is a Catalan project to take/give things for free

For those of you who are fed up with consumerism or simply don’t like shopping and are looking for another way to acquire things or get rid of stuff, check out Vols Tens in Catalonia, Spain. Similar o Freecycle, this web site let’s you find or give away things in a very easy way, although it is in Catalan only. Vols Tens, meaning ‘Want Have’ in Catalan, is an anti-consumerism, non-profit project, created to get/give things without having to pay.

Here is how it works:

If you want something, are looking for a gift, or have stuff to give away, simply fill out the slip on the right hand side, marking whether it is something you want (vols) or have (tens).

You then receive a message to your email address which you previously registered in order to post, edit or delete entrances. These stay up 30 days. Today for example, someone is looking for a mobile phone, and someone else has a sofa bed in good condition to give away- you only have to go and pick it up.

Could it be any easier to get rid of things or to receive free stuff? This is so much nicer than just throw things away; how nice. Thanks Rafael C. for the tip! ::Vols Tens

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