Don't Forget to Play: Aalto Designs Coming to Stockholm


In addition to being a tremendous design, Alvar Aalto was one quotable guy; he once said, "I beg you, don't forget playfulness!" TreeHugger is a big fan of Aalto’s work -- we've covered one of his chairs, stools (and the stools again)and the bamboo work by Artek, the company set up in 1935 to market Aalto's furniture -- so we're always on the lookout for his classic designs. As it happens, in conjunction with the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which opens next week, Aalto's work will be on display at an exhibit at the Swedish Museum of Architecture, entitled Don’t Forget to Play!

Co-sponsored by Artek, the exhibit will celebrate the imagination of children, and Children and adults will be encouraged to play, and finger paint bold colors on Aalto designs, including the three-legged Stool 60, now celebrating its 75th year of production (how many other designs do you know that have passed the platinum anniversary?). Luckily for those of us unable to make it to Stockholm, Artek is producing a new collection of the Stool 60 with laminate seats in bold colors of red, yellow, and blue; they'll be available in the US market in May. Hit the jump for more pics. ::Artek via ::Dwell Daily



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