Domino Magazine's Green Issue On Shelves Now

Quickly flipping through the March issue of domino magazine — without reading a word — one would never suspect that it is in fact a green issue. For those not familiar, domino's mission is to be highly discerning yet practical style guide for all aspects of life at home. A demonstration of the range of great eco-products now available, the issue clearly illustraates that it is possible to decorate responsibly without sacrificing taste or style. In their own words, it is "a celebration of those working to close up the cycle of production so that little is wasted and little harmed — people animals, soil, air, water."

As Collin recently pointed out, domino magazine had originally teamed up with TreeHugger to create "The Green List," a celebration of green design. The result however was that the whole issue went green. Feature stories include out of the past, about John Patrick's new clothing line ORGANIC, secondhand (love) story, showing the Maine house of interior-design team Wary Meyers fully funished with vintage and recycled pieces, backyard bouquets, demonstrating that beautiful flower arrangements can come from a much more local source than the flower shop. Not only does the magazine offer product choices but also drives home the issues involved with manufacturing of furniture, textiles, rugs tile, and so on, in succinct summary sections called "Why Bother." Practical advice in the form of a day-by-day chronicle of the building a DYI "mini modern haven" in a week provides inspiration to all of those with an urge to think small. In an effort to further take down resistance barriers for mainstream consumers to embrace green lifestyles celebrity role models are showcased including Carolyn Murphy, Shalom Harlow, and Graham Hill.

Full of products I own — like portable Muji speakers made of recycled cardboard and Trilogy beauty products — and products I want to own — like the Lawson-Fenning "Square" Chair — domino's green issue gets my stamp of approval. But of course I'm biased Its on shelves now so pick up a copy and let us know if you agree. :: domino