Domespace, the house that turns to the sun

You might get confused coming home at night trying to find the door after this house has performed a 330 degrees rotation. Conceived to optimize sun warmth, the semi spheric plans of Domespace were laid out 30 years ago. Since then, a good few of this houses have been erected in France and especially in Brittany where the company is based.Designed as a circular assembly of laminated wood beams, Domespace is the kind of product that we could classify as 90 percent ecological : taking passive energy from the sun when it needs warmth, it can turn its windows to the north when the summer gets hot. Materials are also well chosen, from floor to roof, choice of red cedar shingles suppresses need for destructive wood treatment. Insulation is performed through insertion of raw cork between beams.


In north-west Europe where south is the most appropriate exposure, most owners have chosen a static house built upon classic cement and brick foundation. But in warmer landscapes the turning feature starts to get interesting. All technical pipes (water and electricity) converge to a central pipe where the engine (electric) controls the house rotation. Various options allow specific behavior : remote controlled or programmed for a full day revolution, the frequency and rotation can be suited to individual requirements. Website mentions engine is now the only available option.. But we still remember that a few years ago they were selling the turning house without the central engine, relying then only on... Man power ! [by Erwan Pianezza, Locronan in Brittany] ::Domespace