Doggie Travel Gear by Planet Dog


Going camping for the weekend with your best buddy, but don’t want to lug that heavy, awkward bowl? No problem. Planet Dog offers a simple solution: the Travel bowl, crafted from sturdy Eco-Tex fabric, a tightly woven poly-blend made from recycled plastic soda bottles (PET). Planet Dog is an environmentally responsible company and uses the finest eco-friendly materials including organic cotton for dog beds and 100% hemp for leashes and collars. Check out the Weekender feedbag, too, which can help you avoid packing poochie's dinner into useless plastic Ziplock bags. Want the Dukester to carry his own load? The Trail Blazer pack fits dogs comfortably and has roomy compartments for food, plus a few tasty all-natural treats. ::Planet Dog [by Kara DiCamillo]

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