Does Architect Barbie Do Green Design? Is She LEED Accredited?

The design blogs are agog that on the 125th anniversary of the registration of the first woman architect, Architect Barbie has been introduced. She arrives after a campaign by architectural historian Despina Stratigakos, who staged her own Architect Barbie exhibition in 2007. (PDF here)

One could argue that she should be wearing more black, have round glasses and have bags under her eyes. She is also carrying printed drawings in a tube; do architects still do that? Furthermore, she is smiling, and appears to be employed in a job that does not involve Big Macs. But the worst is yet to come.

barbie green house architect

The real problem with Architect Barbie is that horrible house; it appears to have more plastic than the Monsanto House of the Future. In an era when we are trying to promote natural, healthy materials, she is in a Karim Rashid pink plastic palace. What message is this sending?

It would be far more plausible if her house looked like the Modularean Eco House By David Baker and Partners

I suppose having an Architect Barbie is a good thing, if you believe that there should be products like this that involve endless purchases of accessories and searching all over the house for a lost construction boot. Anything that raises design consciousness in the young is to be applauded. But please, do something about that house! More at Design Observer
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