Does A Recession Make You Buy Better or Cheaper?


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Sales at Walmart are up; sales of organic foods are down. It would seem logical that when money is tight, people look for the cheap stuff. Yet Steve Mouzon of the Original Green, suggests otherwise, that perhaps it is time for a flight to quality. He explains:


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When people make lots of money, a perverse thing happens. You would think that with more money, people would demand better stuff. But when prosperity abounds, the necessity of thinking long-term decreases.

When times are tough, however, the thought of replacing a tool, a piece of furniture, or whatever on a frequent basis is really frightening... we simply cannot afford to do that. So I believe that the Meltdown will begin to cause people to think long-term again, and to begin to value enduring things.

I wonder if he is right. Read it all at The Unburdening of America, via PlaceEconomics
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