Do Large Cities Reverse Climate Change, Population Explosion?

Big Cities of the Future: LA in BladeRunner

Sarah Barmak writes in Corporate Knights, "the Magazine for Clean Capitalism", about the Metabolic Metropolis. She reiterates the argument we have discussed before, that Cities burn less energy per capita than other urban forms, Green Metropolis: If You Want To Be Green, Live In New York City and Do We Really All Have To Live Like New Yorkers? Does Density Matter?) but also that urbanism puts a brake on population growth.

Big Cities of the Future: Coruscant in Star Wars

She quotes Doug Saunders, author of Arrival City:

Urban living may increase our problematic reliance on destructive factory farming, but increased worldwide migration to cities is helping curb population growth because there is no need for large families for labour.

"When villagers migrate to the city, their family size drops, on average, by at least one child per family, often below the steady population rate of 2.1 children," writes Doug Saunders in his recent book, Arrival City. "Without massive rural-to-urban migration, the world's population would be growing at a far faster pace."

Big Cities of the Future: Things to Come

The article continues with an analysis of Canadian cities that is worthwhile reading in Corporate Knights, but I was fascinated by Doug Saunders' quote. Here is an interesting interview of Saunders by Alan Gregg:

"the shift to city life increases access to birth control, education, and more liberal values."

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