Do 'Green' Appliances Live Up to Their Billing?


The Wall Street Journal has a piece up wondering "Do 'Green' Appliances
Live Up to Their Billing?
" They postulate that perhaps the answer is no, illustrated by that difficulties of one Jeanine Van Voorhees, who can't seem to get her energy-efficient clothes washer to get the job done. While price premiums and return on investment times vary with the individual appliance (and your local energy costs) -- and one energy-hogging appliance, like a plasma TV, can offset the savings gained by other "green" appliances in the house, combined -- this article subtly illustrates an important point: that it's not be enough to simply buy a "green" appliance and expect it to instantly save you money and save the planet. This "set it and forget it"-type environmentalism has a place -- it's important that people know that there are consumer products and appliances that tread more lightly on the planet -- but it has to be part of a larger lifestyle that involves thoughtful treatment of other ways to lighten your load on the planet (including following the directions to use your new technology; the WSJ notes that some of the problems people have with their appliances are due to user error). Read it all at the ::Wall Street Journal online via ::Gristmill

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