DIY: Socks to Sock Monkeys

Sock monkeys are a classic do-it-yourself homemade toy. Traditionally they are made of red-heeled socks, in order to use the red heels for the luscious red lips. However changes are a happening and while the red-heeled socks still rule - sock monkeys are now coming in all shapes. The picture above is a Mr T sock dude, check out the life size anatomically correct sock monkey, the meditating pregnant sock monkey and the totally cool pirate sock dude.

The great thing about sock monkeys (apart from their classic styling) is the fact that they are supposed to made from 100% recycled re-purposed socks. Directions available online, you can use up your old socks or find some from a charity shop, of course if you are not into DIY you can always get online and buy someones handmade creation. Sock creatures have been called one of the top 50 greenest products ... not into cutting up odd socks, why not find an unusual way to stash them.

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