DIY: Pimp Your Shoes


Fixing up those old but still good shoes instead of throwing them away is great way to green your wardrobe. Given that shoes have become almost a throw away commodity, with many people owning more shoes than they actually wear, its a good idea to try to extend the life of your shoes instead of buying more and more shoes. There are many standard ways of making your shoes last a few extra miles, re-soling and leather restoration adds extra mileage but what about style, when you simply get sick of how boring they have become or they start to look a little tired?

We at TreeHugger are big shoe lovers, just do a search on shoes and see how many pages and pages of stories on sustainable shoes, vegan and handmade shoes there are. There are cork for shoes, worn again funky recycled shoes, check out our favourite 'green' shoes for more.If you are interested in extending the life of the shoes that you already have you could try a few of these suggestions:

1. Try painting old sneakers or moccasins for a funky or new look
2. Add a little embellishment by glueing on cut-out felt or collage interesting papers (like vintage stamps).
3. Add some bling with sequins or sparkles.
4. Get some yarn and do a little knitting or crochet to gussy up those shoes.
5. Do a little cutting out - especially good on plastic or rubber shoes.
6. If you are really keen get to work on a fabulous full shoe fix up.


Cut out rubber shoes: Image and "how-to" at meandering.


Crochet shoes: image and "how-to" at crochet me.


Image of collaged vintaged stamp shoes at YB creations at flickr.

Top image: Shoe modification: image and "how-to" at La Bricoleuse.

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