DIY Pet Bottle Shredding


Remember those nifty bags, decorative containers, and floral arrangements made from PET bottles? Soon you can roll them out yourself (that is if you don't sail away on them first). The Filetador PET bottle shredder is designed for the green crafty types out there. From Brasil-based designer Takashi Utsumi, this little invention makes quick work of a major landfill culprit, spooling out ribbon which can be woven.

The F-200 produces two centimeter-wide ribbons and the F-15/40 1.5 millimeter -four millimeter-wide ribbons. Plans for export are in development.



::Utsumi via ::Design Boom Also see ::Japanese Disposable PET bottles: Stylish Garbage ::Closing the PET loop: re-cycling water bottles ::Plastic Bottle Recycling Is A Dying Dream

Images courtesy of Utsumi.

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