DIY Ideas: Fiocco "Chair" by Ilaria Marelli


Like the Tong Lamp, the first thing we saw when looking at Ilaria Marelli's Fiocco "Chair" (it's more of a nest, really) was "Wow, that's cool. I'll bet I could make something like that." Like many of the things that catch TreeHugger's eye, it's "made with ageing and vanishing recycled material", meaning there's no reason you couldn't create your own from an excess of anything soft and cozy you have laying around or have ready access to (it looks like the gray half of this is made from carpet pads). Something like this would have been a great fit for the Ample Sample 2007 design contest, which challenged folks to repurpose and upcycle carpet samples into something more useful than a square of carpet. The Fiocco's form, sort of a hobo-chic-meets-21st-century-beanbag, looks cozy, but might not work for everyone. No matter; do with it what you will to fit the chosen materials and given your design aesthetic.

If DIY isn't your style, the bracelet-like Fiocco is still a prototype, so for more, check out ::Ilaria Marelli Design via ::Pan-Dan