DIY Exhibit: TechnoCRAFT from Yves Behar

clouds for kvadrat image

"Clouds" - modular tiles you assemble to your liking. Photo by R.Cruger

A chair you beat into the most comfortable shape, green "crutches" to repair chair legs, your own personal style of Puma sneakers. These are some of the many designs and ideas on display at "TechnoCRAFT: Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers, and Design in the Age of Individuality," at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), July through October 3. Curated by award-winning industrial designer Yves Behar, the exhibit explores how the role of designer and the consumer is disappearing. How can you DIY?

The exhibit traces the current trend in design from objects toward open "design platforms," inviting people to participate in the creative process. Works in the show are collaborative, featuring designs that encourage user's participation, where people customize their "finished" product.

Behar's TechnoCRAFT exhibit suggests that after the Industrial Revolution, crafts went in decline, replaced my mass produced goods. Today, consumers are moving away from mass-consumerism and toward making a deeper connection to the objects by personalizing design.

joyride photo

The "Joyride" puzzle assembled by Per Brolund. Photo credit Per Brolund courtesy of YBCA

Divided into several categories, from Crowdsourcing to Platform with works by Threadless, the online apparel store with weekly t-shirts designs voted on by customers and Enzo Mari's furniture you can make yourself.


Reanim repair of chairs, as in reanimate, by 5.5 Designers.

The French design group, 5.5, created Reanim prosthetic kits for furniture repair with green crutches and seats that give new life to chairs and tables.

The dozens of artists in the show design with the DIY idea in mind. In "Hacks" everything from tables to iPhones are reconfigured for a new look and functionality. Others categories include Blueprint and there are downloadable designs. Rowan and Erwin Bourroullec's "Clouds" allow for arranging modular felt tiles to one's needs, Peter Marigold for Make/Shift form bookcase set ups, and there's Studio Makkik and Bey for House of Furniture Parts, and PUMA's Mongolian BBQ for designing your own sneakers.

Behar's fuseproject, featured in Treehugger numerous times for innovation design, creates sustainable and humanistic objects that enable self-expression (see below). In the lobby of the museum, PlayCRAFT has museumgoers exploring the galleries and designing an object. Another event plays with the "Do" of DIY, turning it into Dance it yourself. Draw it, Dub it, Direct it, Discover it, Devise it, Define it, and Devour it yourself.

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