Distant Village: Sustainable and Handmade Packaging Supplies


TreeHugger hates bad packaging – we even ran a competition for some of the worst examples. However, we also give credit where credit is due – take a look for example at our contest for the best eco-packaging ideas, or out praise for this fantastic light-bulb box that becomes a lampshade. But if you have a green product and are looking for green packaging, where do you go? One answer may be Distant Village – a specialist in hand-made and sustainable packaging that also supports fair trade crafts projects in the developing world. Packaging options range from bamboo canisters to tree-free paper boxes and bags, and the company is also known to design custom packaging to meet clients’ individual needs. Of course, when we posted on the Nepalese Paper Company a few days ago, one commenter suggested that we shouldn’t promote paper goods from far flung destinations because of the emissions involved in transport. However, as we said then, high value craft items such as these are in many ways the ideal product for international trade – they are sustainably produced at source, they support dignified, fairly paid jobs, and because of their high value they actually bring in a relatively high level of income to the artisans for each lb of product shipped. Of course they are also non-perishable, so they can be transported by sea, producing minimal emissions compared to air-freighted goods. ::Distant Village:: via site visit::

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