Disposable Office: A More Permanent Use for Paper


Paper's worth is often determined by the relative value of the information on it; money is an obvious example, but other things, like important, legal stuff at work is most often "put in writing" and printed on paper. Once that information is no longer worth anything, it's usually shredded, recycled or otherwise disposed of. In an attempt to help re-brand paper as a less disposable resources, Robert Buss of PUSH> came up with "Disposable Office," a small workplace designed almost exclusively with recycled paper.

While we've seen other paper furniture and cardboard furniture before, we really like the way Disposable Office takes the most common material of workplace communication and transforms it into the workplace itself. Clever names don't hurt either: Security Documents Chair, Menu Table, or Bank Statements Shelving lend some fun to punching the clock -- hit the jump for another pic. Kinda gives new meaning to the words "office paper," no? ::PUSH> via ::Transmaterial


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