Disposable Bowls Get Flat-Pack Treatment with Origami Crockery


Disposable products aren't things TreeHugger gets behind very often -- there are a few exceptions, like these water bottle shoes or edible dishware -- but there are a few ideas out there that make the future of disposables look a bit brighter. Designer Oksana Bazanova has provided this alternative, a fun, flat-packing, Origami-inspired version that's made from waterproof paper.

Entered in designboom's Dining in 2015 design contest, the idea is simple: when you're having a party, pick up a handful of "sheets" of cups and bowls at your local market, fold, and enjoy. Presumably, the paper would be recyclable when you're done drinking punch or eating pasta salad. Hit the jump to see how they fold up and how they're used. ::designboom via ::Yanko Design



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