Dispatches from Designboost: Visualizing the Spokes


[Ed. note: This is the latest in a series of guest posts by David Carlson, co-founder of Designboost, an inaugural event that's focusing on sustainable design. Check out the other posts here and stay tuned for more!]

The boost show (or exhibition) of the Swedish design event Designboost is a visualisation of the seven "spokes" of the imaginary sustainable wheel, which is the foundation for the event 2007. The different themes of the wheel, which I mentioned earlier, includes environmental influence, innovation, emotional connection, aesthetics, quality, authenticity and compatibility.

At the different images below you will see some different projects/products that according to us are good examples of sustainable design according to our thesis of a holistic view on the subject. All projects are presented both with a product and also a written description of the strategy behind it. In addition to Tejo Remy's "Accidental Carpet," above, you can see a short description of the projects/products below the fold. The Boost show runs until November 17th at Fridhemstorget in Malmö, Sweden.

As mentioned before specially made interviews with different involved designers will be presented here at TreeHugger in the near future. Stay tuned!


Accidental carpet by Tejo Remy is a carpet made of old blankets


Mater is a Copenhagen-based company with a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful design based on an ethical business strategy. Mater combines exclusive high end home accessories with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment. The presented project is called MarbleWood and is designed by Todd Bracher.


Paint producer Alcro has a vision to make all their products water-based by 2010.


A series of outdoor furniture by Mattias Ståhlbom and Gabriella Gustafson.


"Sustainable: a product or service you only need to purchase once, and last for a lifetime or more. Example: BRIO wooden railway," says Claes von Hauswolf, Brand and design director, Brio.

Dispatches from Designboost: Visualizing the Spokes
The boost show (or exhibition) of

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