Dispatches from Designboost: The Sustainable Design Exhibition


[Ed. note: This is the sixth in a series of guest posts by David Carlson, co-founder of Designboost, an inaugural event that's focusing on sustainable design. Read the other five posts here and stay tuned for more!]

The Designboost exhibition takes place in a former cinema at Fridhemstorget in Malmö, from October 19th - November 17th. It reflects on how we, with design, can create a sustainable society and consequently a sustainable future.

When it comes to sustainable design, environmental issues are quite often the main ingredient. Is it "environmentally friendly" to drive an ethanol car when we know the problems of the ethanol production? Is an environmental friendly product that nobody wants sustainable? It's important to avoid sustaining the unsustainable. We would state a more open-minded definition. For the Designboost exhibition we have identified seven different themes that we see are the most important in the definition of sustainable design.

The Designboost exbibition will be presented in some different posts. Below are images of the "boosters" in visiting the exhibition, the inaugural speech by Ewa Kumlin, the general manager of Svensk Form and some general overviews. Next post will show some of the presented projects more in detail.


The themes may be seen as important parts of a fictitious "sustainable wheel" (a wheel that isn't stronger than it's weakest spoke...). They are;
1. Environmental influence
2. Innovation
3. Emotional connection
4. Aesthetics
5. Quality
6. Authenticity and
7. Compatibility. They are all visualized through products on display, texts about the strategy behind them and also a couple of filmed interviews with Eero Koivisto, Stephen Burks, Satyendra Pakhale and Tejo Remy, which we will share with you here at TreeHugger soon -- stay tuned for more!



Dispatches from Designboost: The Sustainable Design Exhibition
The Designboost exhibition takes

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