Dispatches from Designboost: On to the Exhibition


[Ed. note: This is the fifth in a series of guest posts by David Carlson, co-founder of Designboost, an inaugural event that's focusing on sustainable design. Read the first four posts here and stay tuned for more!]

Sustainable design is not only about "green" and environmentalism, even if it is an important part of it. Sustainable design is also very much about timelessness, new materials that push the envelope, storytelling, sensual experiences and cultural awareness.

For the Designboost exhibition (or Boost show as we prefer to call it) we have defined 7 different areas that by itself or in combination is important in the definition of sustainable design. We call it the "sustainable wheel". Each area will be presented separately in the Boost show with filmed interviews, texts and products. Today, we'll look at a project called the "Post Fossil Fuel project".


Students from Industrial Design, LTH in Lund showed a nice exhibition called "Post Fossil Fuel project" in the entrance hall during the Designboost "Boost chats". The project is a co-operation between Hogestad & Christinehof Förvaltnings AB (HCF) that is managing a private estates in Skåne (in the southern part of Sweden) with 13,000 Ha (about 32,000 acres) of which 6000 Ha (almost 15,000 acres) is cultivated land and 6500 Ha (16,000 acres) managed forest. The company manages around 1000 buildings and has meat production and some tourist business.


The task was to develop a product/system/service that will constitute a natural part of any of HCF's activities. The product/system/service should be possible to sustain in a post-fossil fuel era based on renewable energy and shall clearly reflect the three aspects of sustainable thinking: ecological, economic and social. You can see the more visualisation of the project in the images below. Quite interesting! Next in line from Designboost is a report from the exhibition (or boost show as we call it). Stay tuned! ::Designboost




Dispatches from Designboost: On to the Exhibition
Sustainable design is not only about

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