Dispatches from Designboost: "Boost" Meetings and Sustainable Design

[Ed. note: This is the third in a series of guest posts by David Carlson, co-founder of Designboost, an inaugural event that's focusing on sustainable design. Read the first two posts here and stay tuned for more!]

The Boost meetings on day one of Designboost where a big success. The 75 boosters met up at floor 53 and 54 of the Santiago Calatrava building Turning Torso and discussed "sustainable design" in it widest definition. All the 29 Boost meetings had unique themes and came up with some very interesting, unique ideas about sustainable design. Here are some example of the topics:

-How can we extend the definition of sustainable design beyond products and materials; how do we innovate in the social realm to sustain each other, relationships, social networks, our world?

-How can companies in general use sustainable design in a much better way as a competitive advantage?

-How can money be reshuffled from unsustainable advertising to sustainable design?


-Our consumption of electronic goods: a mobile phone has a life-span shorter than a year. How can we, without being retrogressive, create long lasting consumer electronics?

-We throw away products without a second thought even when they are still functioning. How can we best create affection and attachment to a product and create "love" objects that lasts a lifetime?

-How can we reclaim time and balance work/life to be able to make conscious choices?

-How can topics of sustainable design attract a younger generation?

Yo can see all the topics at the Designboost website.

All conclusions where filmed and we will have some work to cut out the most interesting parts from the 30 hours of material. The conclusions will be both presented both on the Designboost 2007 yearbook and DVD (coming out February 2008). The concept to let people with different cultural background and competences/skills interact together gave really interesting intellectual discussions on the different themes.

The participants came from Malaysia, India, US, Great Britain, Denmark And Sweden to mention a few countries. Among them you found everything from designers, architects and ethnographers to futurists, artists and material experts. There where also representatives from corporations and schools. We believe strongly that it is important to mix people like this to be able to create dynamic discussions and results. Next in the series: day two of Designboost; the Boost chat ("lecture") day.



Dispatches from Designboost: "Boost" Meetings and Sustainable Design
The Boost meetings on day one of

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