Disney's New Dream Home: Worse Than We Dreamed


I adored the 1957 Monsanto House of the Future; it was full of fabulous furniture, ideas for the future, and innovative, original design. OK it was all plastic and sponsored by Monsanto, but they were cool then and as we knew from the Graduate, the future was in plastics. I was disappointed to learn that the new version was to be a 5,000 SF McMansion that "will look like a normal suburban home outside, but inside it will feature hardware, software and touch-screen systems that could simplify everyday living."

But I couldn't imagine how ugly and stupid it actually turned out to be.


The builder said "The 1950s home didn't look like anything, anywhere. It was space-age and kind of cold," "We didn't want the (new) home to intimidate the visitors. We want the house to be real accessible to our guests." So Disney designer Tom Zofrea made it a mix of Art Nouveau and Craftsman Style. "The design celebrates the inventive thinking and optimism of both yesterday and today" But there seems to be nothing inventive at all, just more electronic junk than I have ever seen in one place, most of it off the shelf Microsoft and HP stuff. As one commenter said in an earlier post, ""Instead of fantasizing about advancements in science and technology, we are once again led to simply fantasize about being rich."


There are ELEVEN digital picture frames on this mantle, just about the silliest message one could send. Isn't the point that you just need one? It is all about too much space, too much electricity consumption, the new American nightmare.


Watch the appalling video on the hideous website with the nauseating music. Walt is spinning in his cryogenic cylinder. ::Innovations Dream Home
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