Discovery Headquarters Get LEED Platinum


Well if you are going to get bought by the big guys, it's nice to get bought by people who practice what we preach. The mother ship, Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, just got LEED platinum for its operations and improvements.

It is one of only nine LEED platinum existing buildings in the USA, and got it for new lighting, HVAC controls that minimize off-peak use, a "top to bottom effort to become carbon neutral through the use of carbon offsets and wind power renewable energy certificates, and a robust employee engagement program to challenge and motivate employees to become involved in recycling and reduction programs." Discovery now saves over 24,000 gallons of water annually and reduces carbon emissions by more than 260 tons each year.

Now if they would only put up that new TreeHugger sign already. According to the US Green Building Council that administers LEED,

'The LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System helps building owners and operators measure operations, improvements and maintenance on a consistent scale, with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts. LEED for Existing Buildings addresses whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues (including chemical use), recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs, and systems upgrades. It can be applied both to existing buildings seeking LEED certification for the first time and to projects previously certified under LEED for New Construction or Core & Shell.' ::More on LEED for Existing Buildings