Discarded Cement Sacks Make For A Great Looking Monobloc Chair In Mexico

Monobloc Plastic Chairs Re Done With Recycled Paper Photo

Photos: Talco.

Felix, the chair in the picture above, is an experiment by Mexican studio Talco --whose wooden crates wall we featured last week; for a series of furniture made from waste from construction.

This first prototype uses the most famous chair in the world, the Monobloc, as a model, giving it a fresh new look.

Monobloc Plastic Chairs Re Done With Recycled Paper Photo

The production of the chair is pretty simple: using the Monobloc as a model, they cover it with paper from the sacks and paste. When it dries out, the underlying plastic model is taken out and the new chair is done.

As A-Seis points out, "the underlying idea (of the project) was to link the construction of an architectural space with the objects found inside it: the waste is used as raw material for the manufacture of functional pieces."

It will be interesting to see what comes next in the series, but in the meantime the chair is a good inspiration for a DIY project.

Talco is a collective of designers and architects based in La Paz, Baja California Sur, headed by designers Adriaan Schalkwijk and Mauricio Sanchez Torres. More on the studio at their website.

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