Dirk Dieter's verb2: Designed to Live Long & Prosper


Dirk Dieter is a multi-talented guy. Not only does he live large in a 250 square-foot house of his own design, but engages in some pretty mean industrial and product design as well. Take his coffee table (pictured above) for example; like many of his designs, it has a small footprint (for smaller spaces) and is made from a flexible recycled paper core that's held in place -- seemingly frozen in time, in the picture -- by a thin lamination. Like many of his pieces, its flexible, versatile and designed to last, and longevity seems to be his calling card when it comes to a design philosophy; as he notes on the site, "a product can be very environmentally conscious, even when it isn't made from natural materials, if it lasts forever because it is useful and durable." After the jump: more pics and details about his work; his towers of power and custom storage work is also worth a peek. ::verb2


"Inside/Outside Lounger", featuring a movable, soft upholstered back and replaceable fabric.


"Bamboo Side Table", a "simple solid bamboo box sized for lower seating, interior and top storage...casters are a major component (too often manufacturers skimp on the casters)"

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