Die Electric: What To Do When the Power Runs Out


Scott Amron describes himself as a "freelance electrical engineer, designer, conceptual artist, and inventor." He notes that "A dielectric is an insulating material. It does not conduct electricity. The "Die Electric" experiment makes use of AC power plugs and sockets less the flow of electricity." After all, what will we do with the outlets when the power stops flowing? Perhaps "A cut power cord fashioned to form a rigid shelf provides a surface on which to rest objects (cell-phones, a glass of water, etc...) "


"A cut power cord holds toothbrushes suspended over the bathroom sink area... Can also hold a rinsing cup or other bathroom related object."


"A candle adapted to screw into a light bulb socket transforms lamps into elaborate candle holders. "

And my old Luxo will live on. All available for sale at ::Die Electric

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